A containerized installation of FlaskBB https://github.com/haliphax/flaskbb-dockerfile

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Containerized installation of FlaskBB. Includes gunicorn, flaskbb-plugin-proxyfix, flaskbb-plugin-private-memberlist, and an exported volume for adding custom themes. Can be used in a docker-compose application along with a redis:alpine image (or other redis image).

For an example configuration, see the haliphax/flaskbb-docker-compose-example project.


  • 5000 - This is the port the gunicorn HTTP server listens on


  • /app/config - Should contain your flaskbb.cfg file
  • /app/data - Should contain your flaskbb.sqlite file
  • /usr/local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/flaskbb/themes - (Optional) Use this to override the FlaskBB themes directory


The image is available as haliphax/flaskbb:latest on the Docker hub.