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Helpful Highlighter

Adaptive Excel 2007/2010 AddIn for visually/mentally imparied users that will highlight the current row and column

Note: If you are looking to download HelpfulHighlighter (i.e., you are not a developer, and the source code is of little interest to you), check out instead.

Installation & Usage

After compiling and running the VSTO installation script, Helpful Highlighter options will be available in the Add-Ins menu ribbon tab of Excel.

The Enabled checkbox does just what you would expect it to; it toggles the Add-In's functionality. If you get tired of highlighting, just turn it off.

The Preserve colors checkbox causes Helpful Highlighter to remember the background colors of cells it highlights. This is marginally slower than the alternative, and causes only the visible area to be highlighted. Unchecked, highlighted rows and columns will stretch to infinity (and beyond!).